A Cat Fancier's Guide To Shakespeare

"To be or not to be, that is the question"
     (Shall we breed this season?)

"Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble"
     (Ringside gossip)

"Methought I heard a voice cry, 'Sleep nomore....'"
     (Queen in season in same house with active stud)

"What fools these mortals be"
     (They just bought their third kitten)

"Out, out damned spot!"
     (Cleaning up another hairball)

"What light through yonder window breaks?"
     (Up all night kittening)

"Much ado about nothing"
     (False pregnancy)

"Assume a virtue if you have it not"
     (Be a good loser)

"Play such fantastic tricks before high heaven as make the angels weep"
     (On seeing some odd judging -- or clever grooming)

"Small curs are not regarded when they grin"
     (Unless they have a big-name exhibitor)

"Like a fountain with an hundred spouts"
     (Spraying stud)

"A double blessing is a double grace"
     (Best of Breed AND in the finals)

"I love the sport well; but I shall as soon quarrel at it as any man in England"
     (Sentiments of the inveterate cat-show enthusiast)

"Young gentlemen, your spirits are too bold for your years"
     (Class of Bengal kittens)

"And I do wish your honors may increase"
     (Best-in-show next time!)

(Author unknown....)

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Barbara Petersen, January 2002 barb@velvet.com