"Animals strike curious poses...."

Introducing: Carrot!


Carrot, the newest addition to the four-legged population here, is a red classic tabby male Maine Coon cat. His "proper" name is Lunarcoons Carrot Ironfoundersson. He's 16 weeks old in these photos.

Carrot was bred and nurtured through his first thirteen weeks by the wonderful folks at Lunarcoons Cattery, Paul Huntley and Trish Leary.... thanks to Paul and Trish for letting this sweet boy come live with me!

The name Carrot Ironfoundersson comes from a character in the "Discworld" tales, a wonderful and humorous series of science fiction/fantasy books by British author Terry Pratchett. For a description of the character, click here .... I'll leave it to your imaginations to decide why I named the cat after the character. :-)

For those who are interested, momcat is Lunarcoons Elara (by IW,SGC,OS/GC/GRC Coonyham Sundance, out of CH/CH Lunarcoons Ariel) and dadcat is RW,SGC Wyndabbey Triton of Lunarcoons (by RW,SGC/GC Lyonesse/Kamelotkoons Eric the Red, out of Wyndhaven Maddison of Wyndabbey). Anyone who wants to see a longer pedigree (and all the associated statistics) already knows where to find it, I'm sure. :-)

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