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Introducing: Colin!


Colin is the new youngster around here. His "proper" name is Koontucky Soul Coal of VelvetClaw, and he's a black smoke Maine Coon cat. He's about 9 weeks old in the first photo, and 13 weeks old in the second photo. Colin is a show-quality Maine Coon, and he'll be competing in the kitten and alter classes of many TICA shows on the West Coast through (at least) the 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 seasons.

Colin was bred and nurtured through his first fifteen weeks by the wonderful folks at Koontucky Maine Coons, Julie Meehan-Spayde and Michael Spayde.... many thanks to Julie and Michael for letting this absolute sweetheart of a kitten come and live with me!

The name Soul Coal is taken from a song, "Train Running Low On Soul Coal", by a favorite band of mine, XTC. It seemed like a great name for a black smoke-colored cat.... and it also refers back to the cattery where he was born, Koontucky, since the state of Kentucky is known as a coal-producing region. The "everyday" name came about as "Soul Coal" ==> Coal ==> Colin.... this progression was inspired by the fact that one of the members of the band XTC is called Colin Moulding. (Note, however, that "Colin" is *NOT* pronounced with a long "o" sound.... the name is not the same as punctuation, the lower intestine, or the former US Secretary of State. It should be pronounced with a short "o" sound.)

For those who are interested, momcat is DGC Koontucky Shalayla (by RW,SGC,OS Coonceit Majerle of Koontucky, out of Emlu Macarena of Koontucky) and dadcat is RW,DGC Cooncreole Bocephus of Koontucky (by IW,SGC,OS Cooncreole Cajun Cowboy, out of Yankeecats Oda Mae of Cooncreole). Anyone who wants to see a longer pedigree (and all the associated statistics) already knows where to find it, I'm sure. :-)

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