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Introducing: Eddie!


Eddie is another recent addition to the four-legged population here. His "proper" name is Lunarcoons Earthly Delights, and he's a brown classic tabby with white Maine Coon cat. He's about 9 weeks old in the upper two photos, and 11 weeks old in the lower photo. Eddie is a show-quality Maine Coon, and he'll be competing in the kitten and alter classes of many TICA shows on the West Coast through (at least) the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 seasons.

Eddie was bred and nurtured through his first thirteen weeks by the wonderful folks at Lunarcoons Cattery, Paul Huntley and Trish Leary.... many thanks to Paul and Trish for letting this sweet and crazy boy come live with me!

The name Earthly Delights is taken from a favorite song, "Garden of Earthly Delights", by the band XTC. (Who in turn probably took the name from an old painting by Hieronymus Bosch. Eddie was definitely named after the song, though.) The "everyday" name came about as "Earthly Delights" ==> E.D. ==> Eddie.... it has also been noted that Eddie's personality bears a certain resemblance to that of Eddie Haskell, in his tendency to get into all *sorts* of trouble, and then attempt to charm his way out of it again. :-)

For those who are interested, momcat is CH Lunarcoons Clementine (by RW,SGC Wyndabbey Triton of Lunarcoons, out of CH Ambar/Gaijin Europa of Lunarcoons) and dadcat is RW,SGC Coonmora's Hennessy (by IW,SGC Coonmora Lucky Strike, out of SGC Coonmora Katrina). Anyone who wants to see a longer pedigree (and all the associated statistics) already knows where to find it, I'm sure. :-)

Observant viewers will note that this means that Carrot is Eddie's half-uncle.... though anyone who suggests that Carrot's name be changed to "Dr. Scott" (because he now has "a nephew called Eddie") will be slapped! :-)

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