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Introducing: Petey!


Petey joined the household in August 2002. His "proper" name is Holdermaines Lil Pink Thing, and he's a cream shaded Maine Coon cat. These are photos of him at age 11 months. Petey is a show-quality Maine Coon, and he was the 11th Best Alter and the 2nd Best Maine Coon Alter in TICA's Mid-Pacific Region for the 2002-2003 show season. He'll be competing in the alter classes of many TICA shows across the US and Canada for the 2003-2004 season.

Petey was bred and nurtured through his first few months by the wonderful folks at Holdermaines Maine Coon Cats, Farrell and Marty Holderman.... many thanks to Farrell and Marty for letting this beautiful boy come live with me!

The name Lil Pink Thing comes from a favorite song of mine, "Pink Thing", by the band XTC. Since cats of Petey's color are often jokingly referred to as "pink", it seemed appropriate. The "Lil" addition is a nod to Petey's well-known dadcat, IW,SGC Holdermaines Lil Dude Coon. His "everyday" name came about as "Pink Thing" ==> P.T. ==> Petey.

For those who are interested, momcat is Heathero Allysum of Holdermaines and dadcat is IW,SGC Holdermaines Lil Dude Coon. Anyone who wants to see a longer pedigree (and all the associated statistics) already knows where to find it, I'm sure. :-)

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